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Ready to Upgrade your Instagram Strategy and Sign Clients Effortlessly?

Join the Instagram Business Accelerator™

An 8 week private coaching experience designed to equip you with everything you need to start attracting clients on Instagram
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"Post regularly, build an audience and start selling to them."

Seems straight forward. But you already know it's trickier than this, right?

There's a lot more that goes into it. And you've probably been learning this the hard way.

Does the
following scenario sound familiar?


You spend ages working on an Instagram post.

In other words, you carefully write a caption, you design a graphic in Canva or edit a photo. And you add hashtags.

In between there might a
moment or two where you doubt everything: the quality of the graphic, the topic of the post or the way you write the caption.

You think: '
Does it even make sense?' Or: 'Am I giving away too much free advice? Will people still buy from me?'

You might even experience
total imposter syndrome and consider not posting this altogether.

Because - after all -
who are YOU to give advice to others?

You don't have absolutely everything figured out either.

So you obviously don't qualify as an expert, right?

But ideally you snap out of this little funk and think:

I've spent so much time working on this now. I may as well just post it...'

So you hit the post button and... all you hear is 

(Aside from some of your business besties who like and comment of course - bless them!!)

But seriously, how freaking frustrating is this?

I know it because I've been there. So many times!


I remember all those times when I wanted to give up.

But I've developed STRATEGIES that allow me to spend less time on Instagram than ever and still attract dream clients regularly.

Meet Your Coach:

Hi I'm Charlotte_edited.png

I'm an Instagram Coach and Strategist with 8 years of experience on social media. My speciality is helping new and aspiring female entrepreneurs attract their first clients on Instagram - without using paid ads.

Because attracting your first client is always the hardest. But
once you know how to do it once, you can do it over and over again. You'll see :)


It's time to start working smart, not hard on Instagram.

So that you can focus on other areas of your business or just relax for a bit.

Instagram Business Accelerator™ will help you go from confused about how to promote yourself on Instagram to knowing exactly what to do to connect with ideal clients.

I will
teach you everything I've learned about Instagram over the last 8 years in only 8 weeks. It literally doesn't get better than this!


Does this sound familiar?

You know your ideal clients are on Instagram but they aren't finding your profile. The only people who follow you are people who are trying to sell you something.

You want to show up regularly on IG but most of the time you're not sure what to post about. So you often post nothing. And if you do post you often don't get much engagement.

You're not sure how to promote your business because you don't want to come across salesly.

Now imagine this...

You know exactly what to post about and don't waste time scrolling your feed for "inspiration" and/or falling into the comparison trap.

You're so confident in your offer that your positive energy is contagious and organically attracts ideal clients. They engage with your content and send you DMs asking how they can work with you.

Instagram is fun for you and you don't spend ages on it. Instead you focus your energy on helping your clients and staying in your zone of genius.


Included in Instagram
Business Accelerator

8x 45 Minute Private Coaching Calls
via Zoom where we discuss your weekly progress and review your personalised strategy 

Weekly Personalised Homework
to keep you accountable in line with your Instagram business strategy

Direct Voxer Access
to me via voice note and text messages Monday-Friday to ask me anything in between sessions

Instagram Content Creation Calendar
helping you to create and plan your content effortlessly #GoodbyeWritersBlock #HiStrategy

Daily Engagement Prompts
with easy to follow steps that leave no room for guesswork and will make client attraction easy


Instagram Insights Tracker
to monitor your performance allowing you to do more of what works and eliminate what doesn't

what clients are saying.png
Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 12.33.10.png

Alyssa, Anxiety & Trauma Counselor

Charlotte showed me how to market myself on Instagram in a way that is effortless. I now have a set plan and content strategy. I have been able to acquire leads, emails, IG followers, YouTube subscribers and, most importantly, enrolments into my signature program.

Since working with Charlotte, I get so many messages saying how confident I look and how aligned my message looks. Charlotte was my biggest cheerleader, pushing my comfort zone and helped me put myself out there. For example, I went from never showing my face on Instagram to showing my face all day long with confidence and ease.

What's the Investment?

Pay in Full


  • 8 Private Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Homework

  • Voxer Access between Calls

  • Content Calendar Template

  • Engagement Plan

  • Insights Tracker

(Best Value Option)

2 Payments of


  • 8 Private Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Homework

  • Voxer Access between Calls

  • Content Calendar Template

  • Engagement Plan

  • Insights Tracker

(Total: €1900)

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to Instagram / I just created an account for my business. Is this suitable?

Absolutely. I've worked with many clients who just started on Instagram or who were new to promoting their business on the app. I've got you covered 100% :)

I haven't finalised my offer yet but I heard that we should build an audience before launching anyway. Can you help me while I'm at this stage? 

It's true that you shouldn't launch to a cold audience and it's a perfect time for us to work together. I will show you how to build an audience of ideal clients who are ready to buy from you when you do launch your offer.

How often are the calls?

The Zoom calls are every week at a pre-arranged time.

I don't feel comfortable to show myself on Instagram. Can you help with that too?

What if I think of a question after the Zoom call? Can I still ask you?

Yes, of course. In between our calls you have direct access to me via the messaging app Voxer. You can send me voice and text messages to ask me any questions you may have or request feedback from me on something you're working on.

What's the difference between the 90 Minute Intensive and the 8 Week Coaching?

The main difference is the level of depth we can go into. Both will help but it depends on how much help you need and how much coaching you feel ready to commit. Many of my past clients first booked a 90 Min. Intensive, found it super helpful and then signed up for longer term coaching afterwards.

What if I have a question that's not listed on this page?

No problem. Simply send a message using the contact form here.

Many of my clients felt this way before working with me. I will coach you through this and help you enjoy showing up on Instagram.

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