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Need help with a certain aspect of your social media strategy or just don't want to commit to long term coaching right now?
Then the 90 Minute Intensive is perfect for you.

In this strategy session we take a deep into your Instagram content and discuss the improvements you need to make to start seeing results.
Or you might think 'I think I need this but...
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You will have a 90 Minute Zoom call with me to deep dive into your Instagram strategy.

During the 90 minutes you will...


Get a detailed Instagram Biography Audit with recommendations on what you should optimise and the reasons for each optimisation.


Get clarity around who your ideal client is. Even if you think you already have this, we will go over this and I will challenge you on certain things.


Develop your content pillars (this will be deeper than the free advice that you might have come across) and a personalised content strategy.


Receive guidance and proven strategies for Instagram and your business in general to keep you moving forward.


Have access to me to ask me any questions you might have about Instagram or social media.


Receive my advanced Content Calendar Template that is much more than just a calendar. It will help you make content creation easy and effortless.

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Brigitte, Energy Coach

Before working with Charlotte I was unclear on my niche and confused on how to attract my ideal clients on Instagram. And I was doubting whether I’d ever be able to run a successful coaching business.


When working with Charlotte I became confident not only with Instagram but I also know how to position myself as an expert and sell my offers. Throughout our coaching together, I launched and hosted a very successful masterclass, created an offer that was aligned with me and signed three clients within 24 hours of launching. I can’t recommend Charlotte enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to Instagram / I just created an account for my business. Is this suitable?

What if I think of a question after the Zoom call? Can I still ask you?

Absolutely. I've worked with many clients who just started on Instagram or who were new to promoting their business on the app. I've got you covered 100% :)

I haven't finalised my offer yet but I heard that we should build an audience before launching anyway. Can you help me while I'm at this stage? 

It's true that you shouldn't launch to a cold audience and it's a perfect time for us to work together. I will show you how to build an audience of ideal clients who are ready to buy from you when you do launch your offer.

Can the 90 Minute Intensive be split into two 45 Minute sessions?

What's the difference between the 90 Minute Intensive and the 8 Week Coaching?

The main difference is the level of depth we can go into. Both will help but it depends on how much help you need and how much coaching you feel ready to commit. Many of my past clients first booked a 90 Min. Intensive, found it super helpful and then signed up for longer term coaching afterwards.

After the call you have direct access to me for 1 week where you can as me any questions you have or request feedback from me regarding things you've implemented. I don't give more access because I want you to keep up the momentum after the call and start applying what we have discussed ASAP. 

Yes, just request this at the time of booking.

I don't feel comfortable to show myself on Instagram. Can you help with that too?

Many of my clients felt this way before working with me. I will coach you through this and help you enjoy showing up on Instagram.

What if I have a question that's not listed on this page?

No problem. Simply send a message using the contact form here.

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